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SILUG: Wednesday, 11/1/2006 Metro East meeting

The next St. Louis Metro East meeting of the Southern Illinois Linux
Users Group is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, November 1, 2006 at
the Computer Room, located behind Borders (next to Hooters) at 317
Market Place in Fairview Heights.  As usual, the meeting is at 7 PM.

With Fedora Core 6 out (finally!), GNOME users now have the option for
wobbly windows and what-not out of the box thanks to compiz, AIGLX,
etc.  While I'm not a GNOME user, this stuff does all work on my
laptop, so I'm going to try to arrange for a demonstration.  :-)

I might also be able to demonstrate MythTV and a few other things I've
been working on, if we don't find something better to talk about.  ;-)

See you tomorrow.

steve@silug.org           | Southern Illinois Linux Users Group
(618)398-3000             | See web site for meeting details.
Steven Pritchard          | http://www.silug.org/

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