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SILUG: 4th of July LUG Party? (fwd)

[Sorry for the duplicate, but we have several members who aren't on the 
discuss list]

We were thinking about hosting a "Water Party" here on the 4th of July for 
LUG members. If you like to fish, bring your gear. If you like to swim, 
bring your suit (for either the lake or pool). If you like to drink, bring 
your poison. Of course, it's a family day, so if your spouse, SO, and kids 
like to do these things (the first two preferred) please bring them too!

Is anyone interested? If anyone wants to bring meat, we can grill out. 
Or we can call in Papa John's... Or we can just do a 2-5 and/or a 7-10 
thing where you can cut out to do your own thing, go see fireworks, etc.

We'll be here all day, regardless, so it's really up to you. Most of you 
likely already have plans anyhow. This invitation will be extended to our 
LUCI friends as well.

We can't see too many fireworks from our backyard, but if you carpool over 
to the park-n-ride in Caseyville you can see most of St Louis', as well as 
3 other towns along the horizon. For the anti-social crowd, this just 

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