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SILUG: Linux Sysadmin/Certification Bootcamp (fwd)

We are planning to host a 12 week summer bootcamp to help members become 
stronger in their system administration skills. For those members 
interested, content material will be based on the objectives required for 
LPI's level 1 exams (www.lpi.org)

These meetings will be held at our home in Fairview Heights, IL. Tentative 
time is 2-5pm on the below dates.

If you're interested in attending or helping me by conducting one of the 
sessions, please review the outline and details below and contact me ASAP!

-Kara Pritchard

--- FWD message ---

Here's the tentative schedule and subject plan I'm looking at.

Week 1 - Jun 2 - Linux Installation and Package Management (LPI Area 102)
Week 2 - Jun 9 - System Hardware and Configuration (LPI Area 101)
Week 3 - Jun 16 - GNU and Unix Commands (LPI Area 103)
Week 4 - Jun 23 - Review and/or Catch-Up

Week 5 - Jun 30 - Linux Filesystems (LPI Area 104)
Week 6 - Jul 7 - Printing, Documentation and X (Areas 107, 108 and 110)
Week 7 - Jul 14 - Kernel and Shells (Areas 105 and 109)
Week 8 - Jul 21 - Review and/or Catch-Up

 Jul - 28 - NO CLASS (personal conflict)

Week 9 - Aug 4 - Administrative Tasks (Area 111)
Week 10 - Aug 11 - Networking fundamentals and Services (Areas 112 and 
Week 11 - Aug 18 - Security
Week 12 - Aug 25 - Review and/or Catch-Up


*Bootcamp participation is RSVP please (each class).

*You must provide your own laptop or system, else arrange to share with 
another attendee. Material and preparation will be useless without hands 
on practice. If someone knows where we might borrow a few laptops each 
Sunday for this, please let me know.

*If you plan to bring your own system, you must notify me in advance and 
arrive early to set up. Please bring a mat, towel, or something to set 
your system on to prevent damage. Bringing your own power strips, network 
cables, etc will be preferred.

*You will be asked to contribute towards costs of handouts and materials. 

*If attendees wish, I would like to have people take turns bringing 
drinks, snacks, or other refreshments.


The current schedule is based on a weekly Sunday meeting, with the 
exception of July 28, as it will likely conflict with a first birthday 
party I'm planning for my daughter :-) If you wish to hold a class that 
week, an alternate location will be needed.

Time is flexible. I am thinking at least 3 hours will be needed to cover 
each week's material. I am thinking afternoon will be best, allowing 
overtime if needed. Perhaps 2-5pm? In after lunch and out before supper?

Kara Pritchard                          Phone: 618-398-7360
Director of Exam Development            http://www.lpi.org/

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