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Re: Ultra small

Doc, I bought one too! I'm hoping to successfully load mythtv on it. I'll bring mine also.

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On Jan 25, 2014 8:46 PM, Robert G. (Doc) Savage <dsavage@peaknet.net> wrote:
Way back in April for $152 I pre-ordered a 2" cube computer from
SolidRun. It's a very powerful cousin of the RaspberryPi. A parts snag
delayed delivery after the promised November. Last week it finally
arrived registered mail from Israel. http://cubox-i.com/table/

In a 2.5" x 5" x 7" box was a CuBox-i4P and a wall wart type power
supply. And a business card advising me to go to

I'll bring it to the next SILUG First Wednesday meeting on Feb 5.


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