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Quote from Fedora 19's project leader

"Normally we have a good batch of features for everyone in a new
release, and this time around a lot of it is under-the-hood kinds of
stuff" -- Fedora Project Leader, Robyn Bergeron commenting on the new
Fedora 19 Linux Beta (ServerWatch)

For those brave (crazy?) enough to install and use Fedora 18 after its
long and tortuous development, this new edition should be a lot less
stressful. The new graphical anaconda installer that was so cantankerous
during F18's development has been tamed. For developers there are neat
new toys like:
        - 3D printing support
        - Ruby 2.0.0
        - Checkpoint & restore
        - Scratch for authoring interactive stories, games, animations..
        - Virt storage migration
        - Systemd resource control
Like all new Fedora releases, it supports the latest desktops:
        - GNOME 3.8
        - KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.10
        - MATE Desktop 1.6
F19's beta was released last week. Baring any more delays, its general
availability release is set for Tuesday, July 2.


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