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Re: DD-WRT friendly dual-band N gigabit router?

Like I said, I am really happen with mine running DD-WRT. I have done
some testing with iperf and it can switch at just over 800Mbit/s
(pretty close to real world gigabit wire speed) and route at right
under 100Mbit/s.  I have a pretty basic OpenVPN server (128bit
Blowfish CBC encryption) for remote VPN access to my network and get a
little over 10Mbit/s throughput.  I haven't done any serious testing
on the wireless as I live in an apartment building with pretty crowded
wifi spectrum and have most of my machines using gigabit instead.  I
have thrown a large amount of concurrent connections at it with
torrents in the past and it has been able to keep up without issue,
but didn't do any scientific testing.

I would like to get OpenWRT on it and give it a try, but this is my
primary router and don't want to deal with the down time. I will
probably give it a shot when I move in about a month or so.

On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 8:43 PM, Wolfgang <wolfgangmob@gmail.com> wrote:
> Has anyone heard much on the Asus RT-N66U?  It looks interesting, probably
> overkill, but if it's any good it'll do just fine for years before it'll
> need to be upgraded.
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