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Re: Linux firewalls and NAS

I have a home server/NAS that I built from my retired p4 desktop. It's 
grown way bigger than what I built it for...might be time for an 
upgrade. Currently, it's got an internal 1TB Raid5 array with rsnapshot, 
OS is on a 20GB HDD (plan to move to redundant compactflash), and I run 
Bacula with a 9 bay LTO autoloader. I currently am running Ubuntu 8.10 
LTS. I would like to multihome the box or use virtual IPs so that I can 
distinguish what's accessible by the LAN only and what's got firewall 
ports open to the world. Any suggestions?
Recently upgraded the LAN to Gigabit ethernet. Wow! What a difference 
that makes if you push around lots of data.


Kevin Thomas wrote:
> I was just curious as to whether anyone ran a Linux firewall at home 
> and/or a NAS?  I've been running Smoothwall Express for a few years 
> now and I love it.  It blocks all kinds of nastiness that I never even 
> knew I was being hit with when I was just behind my Netgear Wireless G 
> router.  I also built a FreeNAS system and I love that as well 
> (although it's based on BSD Unix, not Linux).  I was just wondering 
> what Linux pet projects others have or might be working on.
> Kevin
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