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Fedora 13 Beta

Anyone interested in fetching the beta release for Fedora 13 can use the attached shell script.

Two notes:
(1) Before running, create this destination folder or edit the script:
(2) Can be run as user (you), but runs smoother as root followed by
    # chown -R <you>:<you> /pub/fedora/linux/releases/test/13-Beta/

Be advised that the 14,987 files include CD and DVD images. Steve came up with an interesting speed-up technique for use with rsync:
rsync the individual CD images in the ./iso directories first
create a placeholder DVD image by concatenating the CD images:
# cp Fedora-13-Beta-i386-disc1.iso ... Fedora-13-Beta-i386-disc6.iso > Fedora-13-Beta-i386-DVD.iso
rsync the DVD image using that placeholder as the target
mount the DVD images and extract their contents into the corresponding ./os directories
run the original script to complete & polish the entire download.
Even with these shortcuts it will probably take you 4-5 days to pull down everything.



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