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Re: Wednesday, 9/2/2009 Metro East meeting

Sounds great.

I just fell in love with Maemo. The N900 looks awesome, all depends on how soon Nokia gets it out. In case you missed it...


Basically, it's just as sexy as the iPhone and Pre. It has Flash, it has OpenGL ES 2.0, along with just about everything the Web OS and iPhone OS have. My guess is it'll still flop in the U.S. just because the iPhone is so entrenched but it's nice to see more great innovation happening based on Linux.

iPhone's downside is Apple.
Pre's downside is no native code and worse poor accelerometer support.
Android's downside is kinda no native code.
Maemo...we'll just have to wait and see, I'm guessing it'll either be too niche or too hard to develop on.

Otherwise they all have great potential and it's wonderful to see "smartphones" becoming mainstream.