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Re: OT: Looking for a replacment board

On Mon, Oct 24, 2005 at 09:03:40AM -1000, Jacques Sabrie wrote:
> I had an ABIT BH6 motherboard die over the weekend and am looking for a
> replacement. Any suggestions on a MB (and CPU?) that will drop in place?

Socket 370 has been dead for almost 4 years.  The boards are nearly
impossible to find (especially since so many died from capacitors 
leaking due to heat issues).

At this point, the only good option is to replace the board,
processor, and RAM.  The good news is that as long as you avoid Intel
stuff (especially Celerons), you'll get a *huge* performance boost.

On the low end, you can get a Socket 754 Sempron, motherboard, and
512MB DDR400 RAM at our store (Computer Room, behind Borders in
Fairview Heights, phone number below ;) starting at $235.  At the
higher end, a Socket 939 Athlon64, motherboard, and 512MB DDR400 RAM
would start around $400.  (Socket 939 gives you dual-channel memory
and the option of upgrading to a X2 dual-core.)

FWIW, if you decided to upgrade and wanted to buy from us, your old
memory would have some trade-in value.

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