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Re: [OT] Paypal Phishing

They changed it to spoof@ebay.com

--- unixman@charter.net wrote:

> Hi Tom,
> Try "abuse@ebay.com"
> Roger 
> From: Tom Dison <fretinator@yahoo.com>
> Date: 2005/10/11 Tue AM 09:05:45 CDT
> To: silug-discuss@silug.org
> Subject: [OT] Paypal Phishing
> If you're like me, you get a lot of Phish attacks
> for
> Paypal. If you forward the email to
> spoof@paypal.com,
> they do look at them and try to track down the
> Phishers. I haven't found the address for Ebay, but
> since they own Paypal, I'm sure they have something
> similar. End of public service announcement, resume
> normal transmission.

Faith without Works is Dead...

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