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Re: Kernel tweaks for AMD 64 -- IA-64 is NOT x86-64!

NZG <ngustavson@emacinc.com> wrote:
> With these diffs:
> http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/ports/ia64/

Guess what?  You're not even using them!
It merely creates ./arch/ia64.
You're building for ./arch/i386 or ./arch/x86_64.

IA-64 is *NOT* x86-64!

IA-64 is Intel Itanium.
x86-64 is AMD64 (Sempron64, Athlon64, Opteron)
IA-32e is Intel EM64T (a few Intel P4/Xeon models)

> I notice it only goes up to 2.6.8, whether this is because
> it's somehow supported directly in newer kernels or because
> they haven't gotten that far yet is unclear to me at this
> point.

I'll check when I get home, but IA-64 is an architecture that
is part of the _stock_ Linux kernel.

It is _not_ used for _any_ x86-64 processor.  It's an
entirely _different_ architecture.

That's why Intel call's x86-64 as IA-32e (Intel Architecture
32-bit Extensions).

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