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Re: [DISCUSS] EZ Linux backup package, with GUI?

Phil Cryer <phil@cryer.us> wrote:
> I also heard about http://www.fluffy.co.uk/boxbackup/
> recently, and it has a GUI project here:
> http://boxi.sourceforge.net/

What I can't understand is why people are either anti-disk or
anti-tape.  This system would be _great_ if it added an
import from/export to tape option.  Instead, it's disc-only.

Disk local to the backup server is great for keeping full
copies and only bothering the network to send updates from
nodes.  It's also great for immediate restores as well as
verifying off-line backups.

Tape local to the backup server allows it to import/export
things to/from off-line tape, for maximum portability,
reliability and disaster recovery, especially against shock
and time versus disc.

The two are the ultimate combination in tandem.  It's stupid
to do real-time tape backup -- especially across a network --
and it's just as stupid to only do local disk-to-disk backup.
 Unless you have either a small amount of data to backup or
have a massive pipe, remove backup (over the Internet) is not

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