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Re: OT - Wipers

> From: Casey Boone <caseyboone@gmail.com>
> Date: 2005/08/29 Mon PM 12:38:34 CDT

> one of my coworkers here destroyed a drive with thermite. 

When I worked on base, my supervisor was a retired CMSGT.  He told me 
a story about an installation where they were required to maintain 
thermite packs on top of every rack of equipment, just in case of 
insurgency.  He also described overseeing the disposal of some equipment, 
and when he went to check on the enlisted performing the job, they 
had just dumped all of it in a dumpster.  He made them put thermite 
packs on top of the dumpster and set them off.  Said when the pile 
finally cooled off, the dumpster was just four posts on top of a small 


William Underwood

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