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Re: need printer help

On 8/21/05, bentley_rhodes <bntly_rhds@charter.net> wrote:
> my *(#&*@ printer keeps printing the same document everything i turn it
> on, or if i reboot or turn the printer on after it being off for an
> hour.  i printed a PDF file last night, and cancelled printing so i
> could reprint one page.  thats where the trouble started.  how do i
> clear the memory?  and the linux memory?


 That would be the command lpc, if you are using lpr. Do:
$ whatis lpr 

and if a description comes back, then that is what you are using.
The command to stop the printing and clean out the files is:

$ lpc clean all

    Linux / UNIX
    Information about the Linux / UNIX lpc command.

your Linux should also have a man page fro lpc

Kind regards,

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