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Re: Windows User Group's???????

At 07:21 PM 8/9/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>I am enjoying the advice here on this linux user group discussion. However 
>I am also in need of Windows HELP!!!!!
>I have looked and looked for a "Windows User Group" on the internet and 
>none of the ones I have found are any good at helping!!!
>Or the website are so confusing that I can't find through it. Can any of 
>you help?????
>Although I plan to make a complete switch to Linux, I still have to use 
>Windows (darn the luck).
>Thanks for any help!


The Windoze 'community' is nowhere near as useful as the Linux crowd - the 
typical user has no interest or desire to know anything about the OS, much 
less participate in any forums.

OTOH, many of the Linux community members also have to support Windoze 
system, so I would second the suggestion to query this community (and 
SLLUG, STLLUG, et al).

In addition, the local consultant community provides a good deal of support 
to clients - www.ccsl.org.


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