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Re: Creating Home Movies

> I've done some work in that.  I've worked with Adobe Priemere and Avid
> Video Studio and the stupid software that came with my video digitizer.

AVS is no longer available for the Win platform. It shipped with my
Matrox Marvel G400-TV which, btw, rocks in both OSes. Hardware assist MJPEG.
TV tuner. Schweeet.

Anyway, the lame version of AVS they shipped only worked with QuickTime 3,
and barfed when an upgrade to QT4 was installed. Forward compatibility
problem anyone? So I contacted Avid and they said the product was toast
with no plans to upgrade, and that they had discontinued it six months ago.

So I called Matrox and complained about the lame software in their bundle
and what they intended to do about it. They suggested asking Avid for
an upgrade. I explained that I had already done that and that Avid hasn't
been shipping AVS for six months. Did they not have a replacement product,
I asked?

About two weeks later, Matrox made good and shipped me a spankin' new
copy of Ulead Studio (a competing product, apparently selected for their
editing bundle now) completely gratis. I have to say, Matrox fessed up
without too much hassle, and made things right for me.

I can't say much about it, though. I lost interest in working with video
and have only picked it up again recently. I'm trying to keep the crud
on my system down to a minimum to 1) maximize what little shreds remain
of stability in a Win95 OSR2 patched more than Hwy 40, and 2) minimize my 
dependence on Win software by making me look for a Linux equivalent and at 
least try to use it.

BTW, your friends that have Win systems won't be able to play your SVCDs
unless they have DVD software that can play them (PowerDVD, et al.).
VCDs play just fine on winblows, but they look like crap (320x240).
DivX is beautiful, and plays on both, but you can only view it from a 

I don't have a DVD burner yet, so I can't speak to that. My player doesn't
play mini-DVD yet, so I can't say how that looks either.

I use CDRAO and the EasyVCD GUI for burning. Highly recommended GPL

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