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Kernel Network drivers and such

Hello all,
	While looking through the code base I was once again called upon
here in teh office to put linux on a sparc.  during the install I went
digging though the code base and found this.  

From drivers/net/sunhme.c:

/* Remember: "Different name, same old buggy as shit hardware." */

Don't I know it.  But enough about this.  Here is the outline of the blurb
that I am going to be doing.

1.	A talk about where the kernel driver fits into the Kernel layer model.
2.	A brief yak about whether or not ot compile into the kernel or to
3.	Why doesn't module foo work with hardware bar?  Aren't they the same?
4.	Q&A with my semi-literate ass.

I should be able to answer most of your	questions.  Some though will make
me cranky so be careful.  I think that I am going to spend the rest of the
day grepping for naughty words in the kernel source.  Beats rebuilding
Veritas filesystems!  To who ever wanted this, if you had something else
in mind tell me now and I will adapt/add to this.  Later


Tighe Schlottog		Sys Admin at large	  /emry\"@"/accessus.net\
                             ook ook

GIT/GS d-- s:++ a-- C++++ UL++++$ US++++$ UB+++$ UO+++$ P+++>++++$ L+++>
++++$ E--- W- N++ w--- V PS+ PE Y++ PGP++ t+ 5++ X++ R+++ tv+
b+++ DI++++ D++ G++ e++>+++ h--- r++ y**

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