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Re: FYI- Possible ESR Visit

On Fri, 16 Nov 2001, Kara Pritchard wrote:

> Okay, to extend the information solicitation, if you are interested in his
> visit, what area would be most convenient for you to travel to? We have
> LUG members on this list all over Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, etc. So,
> would St Louis, Carbondale, Champaign, or Chicago be convenient for you?
> (If everyone can make it to St Louis, then I'll help them make
> arrangements, else if enough for SIU then I'll help SIU, also enough for
> UofI.. you get the picture)

STL, SIUE (if that's on the table, presumably that would be STL), or SIUC
are all doable for me, depending on when it is he'd come in.  For me, SIUC
is better, but don't take my opinion into account, I'm just the peanut
gallery.  I've got family in Belleville so STL is fine.  My brother is in
Carbondale, but I can make a day trip out of it if necessary.

> > > Let me know. (And please, no flames regarding ESR please. If you're not
> > > interested, just don't be interested. Thanks :)



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