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Re: linux.com (probably OT, was Re: SourceForge drifting (?))

On Wed, 14 Nov 2001, Sean /The RIMBoy/ wrote:

> That is how a few others and myself recounted it, Unfortunately trying to
> search for the exact details on the bill of sale for linux.com is like
> trying to find the veritable needle in a haystack.
Here are a few links with interesting statements regarding intent for


ph33r my google sk1llz

> I'll agree that there were some problems.  I think within the last year
> those issues were resolved and moreso, within the last 6 months the
> quality and quantity of site improved quite a bit (also, a massive site
> redesign which that IMO really kicked arse).  Just when the ball was
> rolling they pulled the rug out.  And to think, I wrote a glowing article
> about the guy behind our screwing.
I think it's sad to see all of Gareth's work disappear :-( I know I hate
it when something I've invested years worth of time just goes away without
a trace :-(

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