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[LUNI] Laptop for Sale (again) (fwd)

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Date: Sat, 10 May 2003 17:27:06 -0500
From: Curt Crandall <ccrandall@wi.rr.com>
Reply-To: Linux Users Of Northern Illinois - Technical Discussion
To: mlug-list@mlug.net, luni@luni.org
Subject: [LUNI] Laptop for Sale (again)

This is the same laptop I had advertised a few weeks back.  I had a 
couple of interested parties, but I was waiting for the results of some 
eBay auctions I had up and eventually I lost contact with some of the 

Well, I'm planning on getting a new laptop very soon, so I'm 
advertising the sale of my current laptop again.  Here's the specs:

HP Pavilion N3390
256MB RAM (I increased the RAM from 128MB)
10GB HDD  (unformatted capacity)
Floppy drive
DVD/CD drive
14.1" TFT display

Comes with Win98, but I dual boot with RedHat 8 which works great.

Also, I'm including:

D-Link DCF-650W compact flash WiFi card w/ DCF-653 PCMCIA adapter
NetGear FA411 16bit 10/100Mbps PCMCIA ethernet card
Targus carrying case

The laptop has original box, recovery disks, and should have all 
manuals.  The 2 adapters have their CDs and I believe I have the boxes 
and manuals around here.

Everything is in good shape.  There are a few things, though, I'd like 
inform everyone of:

1.) Display's brightness will flicker a little when the laptop has been 
on for a while and gets hot.  The flickering is minor, but annoys me... 
it does not impact usability.  This problem has been there since 
shortly after buying it, so I don't believe it is indicative of an 
impending display failure.
2.) Battery life is about 30-40min.
3.) The case fan (not the one on the CPU) will make vibrating sounds on 
occasion.  It doesn't happen often, though.  The fan is easily 
accessible should the need arise to replace it.
4.) The Targus case has some minor scuffing on the front.  It's mostly 
nylon-like material, but there's a strip of vinyl... this is what is 
scuffed a little.

I purchased this laptop in August 2000.  It has worked well for me.  
I'm parting with it because I really want the 12" Powerbook and I'm 
finally ready to move ahead with the purchase once I sell this one.

I'm asking $425.  I live in Franklin, WI.  If you are in driving 
distance I am willing to deliver myself and let you examine the goods 
before buying.  Otherwise, I'll be shipping (USPS priority unless 
requested otherwise) and that will be added to the total.


Linux Users Of Northern Illinois - Technical Discussion 

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