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OT: More Old Hardware

Forgive me for yet another OT hardware post, but I just came into some 
more stuff...

I have 20ea Dual-Head PCI Video cards, 2MB/channel Pro Lightenings and 
4MB/channel Evolution 2s.  $5/$10 respectively.

I have 6 Dell PowerApp 100 1U Chassis w/ PIII socket 370 MB, FDD and 
CD-ROM for $150 (missing faceplate) I think I have a dual-capable one of 
these too (not missing faceplate) for $200.

I also have an IBM Netfinity 4000R 1U Chassis w/ dual PIII slot 1, FDD and 
CD-ROM for $200.  I can get at least a dozen more of these too.

We're planning to build these into systems, but if anyone wants to do that 
themselves... :-)

For you with older machines, I can get 6 or more Promise Ultra33 cards (to 
use 8+ GB HDDs on older machines. These are used, but in the box.  I 
didn't pick them up yet, because I didn't know if anyone could use them.

Let's see...  If enough people are interested, I can still get up to 300 
12 and 24port 10Mbit hubs.

I have to collect sales tax for IL residents...

Kara Pritchard                          Phone: 618-398-7360
Director of Exam Development            http://www.lpi.org/

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