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network cards and other random stuff...

This is the last mail for tonight.  I promise.  :-)

In case anyone needs an extra PCI network card or two (or ten), I
wanted to mention that we have RTL8139C-based cards for $7.50 each.

In addition, we have keyboards, mice, speakers (all for less than
$10), and lots of other random parts (floppy drives, cables,
heatsinks, fans, thermal grease, etc.).

If anyone needs anything and wants to pick it up at the meeting (or
anytime, for that matter), drop me an email.

Steven Pritchard - K&S Pritchard Enterprises, Inc.
Email: steve@kspei.com             Fax:    (618)398-7361
Phone: (618)398-7360               Mobile: (618)567-7320

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