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Re: cheap motherboards

In case anyone was actually interested in those motherboards, here's
what I have:

  (19)  MSI MS-6309 Socket 370 VIA          $30
        Chipset Motherboard (Pentium

  (2)   MSI MS-6340 Socket A VIA KT133      $30
        Chipset Motherboard (for 200MHz
        FSB Athlon/Duron)

  (2)   MSI K7 Master AMD 761 Chipset       $78
        Socket A Motherboard (for
        266MHz or 200MHz FSB
        Athlon/Duron up to 1.4GHz)

  (1)   MSI 694D Pro2R Dual Socket 370     $100
        Motherboard with on-board IDE
        RAID (accepts dual 133MHz or
        100MHz FSB Pentium III)

The newer revisions of the K7 Master board will take Athlon XPs.  It's
entirely possible that they'll just work on these boards, or they
might with a BIOS upgrade.

The K7 Master boards take PC266/PC2100 DDR RAM.  The rest all take

All of these are bare motherboards with no cables, manuals, or

On Tuesday I should also have some mid-tower ATX cases with 250W power
supplies for $30.  I'm also expecting some full-tower cases later in
the week.

These prices don't include shipping and/or sales tax, of course.

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