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EPEL 8 has arrived

RHEL 8 was released on May 7, 2019. The conpanion release of CentOS 8
has been an agonizingly slow process compared to previous major
versions. Four years ago it took just 27 days for the CentOS team to
roll out its v7 after RHEL 7 was officially released. You can track the
day-to-day progress of the CentOS 8 build effort at 
https://wiki.centos.org/About/Building_8. Note in particular the
progress of failed packages tracked at 

Not all is doom and gloom. Yesterday Steve spotted this report that
EPEL 8 is finally up and running: 
. EPEL is the Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux repository. It's
where you get the latest Fedora stuff recompiled for RHEL/CentOS. For
example, EPEL is where you get the MATE desktop for CentOS if you'd
rather use it than GNOME 3. The availability of EPEL 8 is like ringing
the dinnerbell for major packagers and maintainers, like our own Andrew
Bauer's Zoneminder.

There are still 21 CentOS 8 packages that fail to build correctly.
Everything else now seems to be complete. An optimist (Steve) might
look at this and think we'll see the CentOS 8 General Availabiity
release as soon as Labor Day. Someone less optimistic (me) is leaning
more toward Halloween.

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