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The IBM Model F keyboard returns

Us old-timers will remember the original IBM Model F keyboard with its
wonderful mechanical/tactile feedback. This was the keyboard that came
with the original IBM PC. It had a heavy powder-coated metal case and was
built like a tank. They were easy to fix when a key went wonky, and the
lettering never wore out.

IBM ceased production of the Model F in 1994. They replaced it with the
plastic Model M, and thousands of Asian parts manufacturers made
ever-cheaper variations. After using Keytronics keyboards for a while, I
became a fan of Logitech Cordless Desktops.

But like vinyl records, the Model F is making a comeback. You can
pre-order a USB version of your own for "just" $325-$399. Delivery in


If *only* they offered a cordless version with a companion mouse...

--Doc Savage

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