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Preparing for zfs filesystem

I ordered the new RAM on Tuesday. It was in my mailbox Friday afternoon.
You gotta love vendors like that.

I hesitated to install it, not knowing if having only 8GB of swap would
pose a problem. I figured if I backed up everything, there was no harm
in trying. So today I took it down, installed the new RAM, and fired it
back up again. It recognized all 32GB and didn't blow up.

I figured it would be easier and faster to re-install CentOS than to
shrink and grow primary partitions. First I saved a list of all
installed rpms:

# rpm -qa | sort > ~/rpms_installed.txt

Then I saved some key custom files like:


After a minimal install, I used that rpm list to reinstall what I had
(2333 packages):

# for i in `cat ~/rpms_installed.txt` ; do yum -y install $i ; done

This has taken me all afternoon and most of the evening. I'm now at a
point where I'm ready to take down the /dev/md127p1 software RAID5 array
and start working on a zfs filesystem in its place.


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