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Re: Well up and running, now anyone know a GUI GRUB Editor?

Same here. i had to modify a couple files just to get Ubuntu to boot properly on my laptop, not to mention enter special flags for the boot parameter on the live CD just to get it to load.  I later moved to Linux Mint, which had better driver support for my older laptop, but I still had to edit the same files just to get the live CD to boot and then get the system to boot after installation.  Imagine my surprise when I tried Fedora 14 and it booted fine from the CD and after installation, it booted fine without me having to modify any config files.  I love the older grub!!

On 12/28/2010 07:01 PM, Tom Dison wrote:
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I use Ubuntu, but I heartily agree with Grub2 being a nightmare. On one machine, I had to edit files in 3 different locations to get it to boot reliably. Whoever dreamed up the configuration scheme for Grub2 should be booted themselves! 

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I much prefer the older grub in Fedora to the grub2 that's used in Ubuntu. That to me is a creaking nightmare and doesn't play well with my older hardware. Plus, the grub.conf file is so easy to edit and it makes sense to me, unlike grub2.

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