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Re: tablets, ebook readers, and documentation

I tried a low-end Android tablet and the B&W nook.  The Android was a
disaster.  The resistive touch screen was next to useless.  The nook
faired better, until you got to PDF documents.  ePub looked great, but
with PDF, there was no way to zoom on anything.  Any tables, figures,
images, etc. were unreadable.  I finally bit the bullet and bought an
iPad and have been extremely happy with it.

That said, the new nook color looks really nice - especially when it's
rooted.  :-)

No matter what you choose, take a look at Calibre.  It's a really nice
eBook manager and converter that works with a ton of formats and
devices.  Good stuff.


On Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 1:15 AM, Robert G. (Doc) Savage
<dsavage@peaknet.net> wrote:
> I'd like to put together a documentation library that can hold "everything"
> yet takes up an absolute minimum of shelf space. I'm thinking about a
> Kindle-like e-reader. Red Hat publishes all their main docs in epub format
> readable by FBreader, which IMHO is about one notch above an Etch-A-Sketch.
> Is there another open e-reader format I should be looking for? Whatever it
> is, I need to be able to edit and author my own docs with it. With that as
> an anchor requirement, what hardware host should I be looking for?
> --Doc Savage
>   Fairview Heights, IL

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