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Ipod touch and Fedora

2 of my ladies have Ipods when I plug in to Fedora 11 the camera comes
up but not the music.
When I plug into fedora 13 nothing shows up. 
check fedora 13 installation has these programs GTKPOD, Ifuse,
as well as checked the /lib/udev/rules.d/85-usbmuxd.rules which is also
and lastly libimobiledevice is installed

Can someone please tell me how to get Fedora 13 to see the Ipod and
access the MP3 files. My daughter is also concerned that by not using
Itunes her apps will lock up making the toy a paper weight til we get
to Apple to have it reset. Please help she is 13 and driving me nuts.

Thank You,

Craig Ziegel
MW Transport Systems
AMPS Towing Service

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