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Re: external hard drive

On Sat, 2009-03-07 at 12:32 -0600, Craig E Ziegel wrote:
> I am sorry to ask this again, I saw a few emails about this a few weeks
> ago. I just got a 500 gig external drive. I believe there was some
> discussion about ext3/ext4 partition which was better? I have 1 winblows
> pc the lady uses and the rest are Linux powered. So the partition if
> possible would need to be accessible with winblows and Linux. If you
> don't mind repeating yourself please respond thank you


"Accessible" has at least two possible meanings, each with a different
answer to your question.

If you mean your wife would connect this external drive directly to the
USB port on her Windows PC, then FAT32 is probably the only format you
can realiably read/write using both operating systems.

If you connect it to one of your Linux systems, you could format it to
ext3/4 and set up Samba to share some or all of it to your wife as a
network drive. With Gigabit Ethernet she'll never know it's not
connected locally. Even with 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet it should be plenty
fast enough.


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