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Re: Linux Boot CD

On 09/27/2007 08:47 PM, JohnH wrote:
> The only distro that has worked 'somewhat' is in fact Knoppix 5.1.1.
> All other distro's froze half way through.
> I burned the cd and then tried it on a computer that is the twin of the 
> one I want to get files from.
> It worked perfect on the one but only allowed me to see 2/3's of the 
> screen of it's twin.
> With some time and patience, I was finally able to get the files I needed.
> My question is, if these computers are twins, why could I only see 2/3's 
> of the screen on one and the full screen on the other?
> They both used the same resolution.
> Could it be the monitor?
> Thank everyone!

Maybe they are not as much twins as you suspect.  That none of the live 
CDs you tried worked on one of the computers makes me suspect that that 
one may have some hardware issues.

- Robert

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