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OT: DirecTV and TiVO Service Problem Notice

If any of you (or people you know) use DirecTV with TiVO services, please make 
sure to monitor your Season Passes and ToDO lists.  There was a bug issued by 
DirecTV almost two weeks ago that causes a filesystem problem that often 
results in the TiVO rebooting itself.  The problem with this is that the TiVO 
stops your Season Pass recordings with a message that says "Someone in your 
household has changed or cancelled this recording".  I won't bore you with more 
details, but it is a nation-wide problem, and we're stuck with the problem 
until DirecTV fixes it.

I spoke to DirecTV today and got credit for January's paid TiVO service. I 
wanted to recommend that anyone else with this service do the same.

Kara Pritchard                          Phone: 618-398-3000
President, KS Computer Room Inc.	kara@kspei.com
Southern Illinois Linux Users Group	www.silug.org

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