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SA Memory errors -> Max token file sizes?

The SA on this mail server is starting to throw 'Out of Memory' errors
when processing via sa-learn, .. here is the current token file sizes:

-rw-------  1 lvl  Mail        11 Jan  1 15:04 bayes.lock
-rw-------  1 lvl  Mail      3985 Jan  1 15:04 bayes_msgcount
-rw-------  1 lvl  Mail   1302528 Jan  1 15:06 bayes_seen
-rw-------  2 lvl  Mail  11042816 Jan  1 15:06 bayes_toks
-rw-------  2 lvl  Mail  11042816 Jan  1 15:06 bayes_toks.new
-rw-r--r--  1 lvl  Mail         0 Dec 28 17:50 user_prefs

Is anyone aware of a maximum file size[s]? There doesn't seem to be
anthing specific on the SA site or docs.

If it IS a file size issue, .. how would one go about 'resetting'?



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