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OT: Borland C++ Builder 5.5

  I'm in need of a licensed copy of Borland C++ Builder 5.x (prefer 5.5.1) for the Win32 platform, for a database project that I'd like to do.  I need that version because I'll be modifying some existing source code that has external dependencies that work for only Borland C++ 5.x. 

  I bought a license for Borland C++ Builder 10.0, but it won't compile the existing source code.  I don't believe that my 10.0 license will cover the use of a 5.x version, so I'm looking for a licensed copy...

  I do have the free compiler from Borlands website, but it doesn't come with the full complement of optional includes that the Builder product has.  I need the full install version....


William Underwood

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