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WEIRD SuSE 9 behavior!

Here's a good one:

1) Have two NICs in a machine, both up and responding; one to the outside
world, one to the internal network.

2) THAT machine operates just fine, including DNS; I even configured it's
resolv.conf to point to localhost.

3) No machines on 'internal' subnet can resolve DNS! They can all ping the
server with no problem, yet any dig (even @server) fails. (resolv.conf
points to 'server'.)

4) I also tried a dig @server ON the server, and THAT works just fine!

Question - just what can stop the DNS service from answering a remote
request whilst allowing an internal request from the server TO the IP on
that interface?

This WAS a known, working config (saved on the HD) - seems that using the
drive in different h/w has caused the problem.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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