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Re: libXvMCW prereq for mplayer

On Wed, Sep 06, 2006 at 10:37:27PM -0500, Robert G. (Doc) Savage wrote:
> Following Steve's advise, I've been pulling files down from
> http://www.mplayerhq.hu. The RPMs download link on that page sent me to
> http://rpm.greysector.net/mplayer.

Hold on a second...  The only thing I would suggest getting from
mplayerhq is the codecs package.  mplayer itself should be pulled from

  rpm -ivh http://rpm.livna.org/livna-release-5.rpm
  yum install mplayer-gui

While you are at it, you might want to grab xine, xmms-mp3, vlc,
gstreamer-plugins-ugly, k3b-extras-nonfree (if you like k3b), kaffeine
and kplayer (if you use KDE), and probably some other stuff I'm
forgetting right now.

Browse through here for more ideas:


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