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moderately intelligent question

i was working on my downloads with bittorrent-gui when i realized the 
program told me i had a firewall in place (or nat'd).  so i started 
trying to figure out how to fix it since i was positive i told the 
iptables program what to do about that.  i never saved it ... wasn't 
thinking i had too (automatic save?).

so i sat down and started figuring out how to set up my own iptables 
chain and this is where i got.  i'm stuck because the commaand prompt 
keeps telling me that i have no chain by the name of the chain that 
exists.  frustrating.  so i'm telling it to make a new chain [iptables 
--new BitTorrent] and then i tell it to put a new rule in the chain (i 
think) as follows below.  Then the computer promptly tells me that there 
is no rule/chain/target by that name.

#original line follows.
#iptables -I RH-Firewall-1-INPUT --protocol tcp --dport 6881:6899 -i 
eth0 -j ACCEPT
#iptables -I BitTorrent-2-OUPUT --protocol udp --dport 6881 -i eth0 -j 
service iptables --stop
iptables --new BitTorrent
iptables -I BitTorrent-1-INPUT --protocol tcp --dport 6881:6899 -i eth0 
iptables -I BitTorrent-2-OUPUT --protocol udp --dport 6881 -i eth0 -j ACCEPT
#udp is OUTPUT right?  i remember azureus griping about outbound traffic 
and the udp ...
service iptables --save
service iptables --startservice iptables --start

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