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Re: Fedora newbie question

Mornin' Doc-

I'm guessing that Linux is detecting the Windows installation as occupying the
entire 60 gigs of the drive and isn't able to install.  I'm going to delete all
partitions and reformat/reinstall Windows XP on a 20 gig partition and see if
that helps.

Thanks for the advice!


> Early in the FC5 installation you'll be greeted by a GUI partitioning
> tool that should be fairly intuitive. What you'll want to do is tell it
> to automatically partition the remaining 40GB of space. It should do so
> by creating one small primary /boot partition and one large Logical
> Volume Manager (LVM) partition that will contain the root (/) and swap
> partitions. Then...
> Now you'll want to edit and shrink the size of that LVM to about 20GB
> before proceeding, and use that freed up space to create a 20GB fourth
> primary partition. Tell the partitioning utility to format this as
> FAT32, but not to mount it anywhere. (That part will come later.)

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