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apache speed issues with Fedora 3 x86_64

I'm running apache 2.0.52-3.1 on my Fedora 3 x86_64 server and some 
pages take forever to load, even on machines that are on the local 
subnet.  I just installed Wordpress for a homepage, and it takes around 
6 seconds to load.  My photo gallery, which I'm running gallery (which 
I've run for years) loads the photo gallery page in about 5 seconds. 

What tools are out there to pin point what the bottleneck is on my 
system?  Could it be apache?  Could it be my harddrive?  Could it be a 
misconfigured php or apache config file?  I have yet to find anything on 
the web saying apache 2.0.52 is slow.  I'd hate for it to be my hardware 
config, since it's a new system and everything else runs fast.

I guess I'm looking for tools to help me solve  what's going on behind 
the scenes on my box...

Probably going to run a network sniff on the machine to see if it's 
something timing out on the network, but wanted to throw it out to the 
masses before I started looking thru lines of sniff....

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