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Re: ot: ultimate in firewall security :)

i do nothing other than a default install, smart says everything is
peachy, i unload no modules, i unmount nothing, this happens with fc3
and rh7.3 (i havent tried anything else on the box) and never an error
is logged to the local screen nor the disk itself (although if it
looses access to the disk i can see why no error gets logged to disk).

i forgot what chipset the mobo is, something via (which i hate and
would never willingly pay for) with an athlon 7-733ish cpu.  i have
used the onboard and some cheap ide controller i borrowed when i first
set it up and both had the same outcome.  i dont know what is causing
it exactly, just know it isnt the hard drive, controller, memory, nic,
nor video card (as all of those have been swapped)

honestly i rather like the behavior, although originally i was going
to run squid and dan's guardian on it. there are only 2 computers
behind it, 1 of which does nothing but run something called
echostation (program for amature radio, gives informational bulletins
on a schedule to the radio attached to it).  no real need for anything
other than pure NAT really.  i might be aquiring a box i can use to
replace it though, so if i do i will take it offline and see what i
can make it do and see if i can better pinpoint the real problem.


On Apr 1, 2005 7:25 PM, mike808@users.sourceforge.net
<mike808@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
> Sounds like maybe the disk controller modules are being unloaded or the drives are being unmounted.
> Are you enabling funky disk modes (spin-down, etc.) via hdparm?
> Is SMART disabled? Does enabling it tell you somethings wrong with the disk?
> What sort of drives? What controller? If onboard, what mobo and chipset?
> That may point us to explaining the behavior.
> There's a well known firewall configuration where you setup your firewall iptables
> and then unmount everything and kill everything and then init.
> The idea is that the kernel just keeps going and going and going and ...
> Mike/
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