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Re: Looking for a command... - Kommander?

Bryan J.Smith wrote ..
> - whiptail is a slang-based utility.
> - dialog is a (n)curses-based utility.

I wondered about that.
The man page for whiptail says it is based on dialog.
However, my Xandros system doesn't install dialog by default, 
so a 'which dialog' or 'man dialog' didn't return anything
when I checked that reference in the whiptail dialog.

I installed whiptail because some GNOME-head on the 
Xandros forums whined about where his beloved whiptail was,
and I wondered ... what the heck might that be?

Apparently there is also xdialog and zenity to play with, too.

So, I installed dialog with "apt-get install dialog" and presto!

However, "--timeout seconds" appears to be an option of 'dialog',
but not of whiptail.

>   $ whiptail --timeout 3 --yesno Howdy! 5 20
>   --timeout: unknown option


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