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Re: motherboards and such -- server v. desktop, case, PS,

On Sun, 2005-01-09 at 01:11, bentley_rhodes wrote:
> hey, last time i tried to email you it said there was an error.  i was 
> wondering what kind of motherboards and such that you guys have, and towers.

If you are talking servers, read this article first:  

Then we can talk about various Opteron solutions.

For a home/gamer system, I wrote an article on our PC Support list:  

It includes recommendations on case, PS, mainboard, video, storage,
audio and speakers.

BTW, I also did my analysis of the nForce4 here:  

Outside of the nForce4 chipset-integrated NIC (there is typically an
off-chipset NIC for dual-NICs total), Linux support seems to be
excellent.  Most everything else I list is Linux supported except for
the GeForce 6200 (6600/6800 series _are_ supported) with nVidia 1.0-6629

Same goes for the LG GSA-4160B SuperDrive DVD-RAM/R/RW/+R/+RW drive. 
You can write DVD-R and rewrite DVD-RAM discs with the _stock_
CDRTools2.0+DVD-patch that ships in Fedora and a number of other distros
(and don't have to get ).  Haven't tried the DVD+RWTools, but I bet they
work too.

[ SIDE NOTE:  I typically _avoid_ +R because it is still an MO
technology, whereas -R is WORM (near-universally compatible) and -RAM is
massively more reliable MO (for long-term archiving).  Yes, +R is _not_
MO, long story.  And both +RW/-RW are not worth the error rate and
reduced compatibility over -R. ]

Bryan J. Smith                                    b.j.smith@ieee.org 
Subtotal Cost of Ownership (SCO) for Windows being less than Linux
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) assumes experts for the former, costly
retraining for the latter, omitted "software assurance" costs in 
compatible desktop OS/apps for the former, no free/legacy reuse for
latter, and no basic security, patch or downtime comparison at all.

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