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Re: a TAR question

Tom Conder wrote:

> You could try use the date command to give you numbers representing 
> the year, the day of the year and the hour/min/sec. For example to 
> backup a directory named 'pictures':
>    tar cvf pictures-`date +%g%j-%H%M%S`.tar pictures
> would produce a file named something like:
>    pictures-05006-220130.tar
> where the year is 2005 and the date is Jan 6 and the time is 10:01:30
> bentley_rhodes wrote:
>>    nontechnical really ... i know how to work TAR, but for one 
>> thing.  i was wanting to make numbered backups and /somewhere/ i 
>> found an options backup (called t) that makes the backups numbered.  
>> but when i tried putting it in, it wouldn't work.    now sometime ago 
>> i purchased a license for RAR (http://www.rarlab.com) and i have 
>> tried using it in linux.  it won't backup everything, because ... if 
>> i remember correctly, it causes errors on some reads.  i don't know 
>> if i was or was not root at that point, but that is *not* my 
>> question.  i can experiment with that.  i'm just wondering does 
>> anyone know about the TAR question?
    Now see ... i don't see that on google *or* my "Linux Fedora Core 2 
for DUMMIES" book, or the mini books.    Rar is running into problems, 
like in the selinux directory, its having problems with some booleans, 
or something somewhere.
    btw, i have been accepted into the Nursing program here at Cape 
Girardeau's SEMo University!  i'm excited, and going to get my books 
tomorrow.  i have also discovered (thanks for the tip) that there *is* a 
Linux Users Group here on the campus.  I was told there is a mention of 
it on the whiteboard *in the *Computer Science building (dempster hall), 
inside the computer lab.  So if anyone around Cape Girardeau was 
curious, its in the computer lab in the basement of that building.  the 
doors do not open until the 18th of

Bentley Rhodes
1435 Luce St.
Cape Girardeau, Mo 63701
	573.275.3900 (c)
Saint Francis Medical Center, MOR
SEMO University, College of Nursing

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