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Re: Agenda VR3

The saga continues.

Nate's new VR3 arrived today from Toronto. In fine working order and
with all the pieces including the charger. This one is shark skin
instead of H2O. These guys at Softfield are awesome!

Nate said, "Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The new LCD is in process. I need to get some double-sided scotch tape
to reattach the very small foam bumpers that keep the lcd and the touch
panel separated. Even though the new LCD came with a new touchpanel I'm
going to use the old touchpanel and save the new one for a future

I need to get to rat shack to get some 30 or smaller gauge stranded
wire. The charger mod will be complete on the VR3 itself and then I can
modify the cradle. I know the first thing Nate did, after saying
something about busybox being used for init, was to replace the heavy
duty AAA's that came with it with the new 800mAH NiMH batteries that I
got, and plug the whole mess in. No more AAA alkalines.

Steve said, "Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I have 2 extra sharkskin plastic cases. Hmmmm. Should I leave the clear
case on it or put on the pretty blue one? Hmmm, I wonder if Softfield
has the ethernet adapter too? Can you say packet sniffing! Cool!

Next time.......................................

Look Ma It Didn't Blow Up! Or, plugging in the modded VR3 for the first

Linux on a PDA for under $150. Cool.


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