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Re: Linux Development tools

On Tue, 2003-03-18 at 07:16, WILLIAM FINK wrote:
> I hope this question will not be ill-received.
> I am looking for some suggestions for two software 
> development applications that run under Linux.   
> The first tool is a ERD tool, similar to ErWin.  It does 
> not have to "Talk" to the database or reverse engineer; 
> nor does it have to generate and SQL.  While it would be 
> nice for it interface with Oracle, it does not have to. 
>  Right now I am using DIA and OpenOffice.  

I use Dia for the little UML that I have to produce.  I've seen the ER
support in it but never had a chance to use it.  It seems to be

When you say you are using OpenOffice, are you refering to the drawing
tools that's available in its presentation program?  Or perhaps the
(alleged) hidden feature of OpenOffice that is a MS Access work alike?

> The second tool is an Oracle IDE, similar to TOAD or SQL 
> Navigator.  Oracle has this functionality built-in to 
> JDeveloper.  However, I use Eclipse as my Java IDE and see 
> no reason to have more than one Java development tool. 
> Right now, I am using SQLPlus and gedit:(  

Have you tried DBVisualizer (http://www.minq.se/products/dbvis)?  It's
pure Java and can talk to and JDBC data sources.  I use it occasionally
on Windows.  But it should work on Linux.

> Ideally, I would like to find plug-ins for Eclipse.  There 
> are a few "half-way" decent plug-ins, but they are either 
> too generic (SQL Entry tool), or very buggy.

I'm starting too look at Eclispe now.  I have looked at it in the past a
couple of times and each time I was repulsed by the clunky UI in it (and
the intelligence insulting dialog box that shows up for creating a
class, complete with check boxes for public, protected, and private

But lately, I have heard several people whose opinion I respect saying
that they like Eclispe.  So I'm going to give it another try.

> Since I am a new member and do not know the "Atmosphere" 
> around here, I will state that I would LOVE to spend the 
> time and develop these tools myself...keeping with the 
> Open Source ethic.  Unfortunately, I have to spend too 
> much of my time with other software development efforts 
> and have to keep the "work, family, life" balance too :-)
> BTW: Are there any people in this group developing 
> software in Java?  My guess is that most of the people in 
> the Linux community subscribe to LAMP, I am more of a JOLA 
> (Java, Oracle, Linux, Apache).

I'm new to this list too.  I'm a J2EE guy.  And Linux is as good a
platform as any other platforms.  I don't work any differently on Linux
as on Windows.

Weiqi Gao

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