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Re: OT: Wanted: Dead WD600 Hard Drive

frog@intertek.net wrote:
> What are you going to do with another dead drive?
> I have a good 4GB WD you can use to troubleshoot with.

If I can find another exact same model drive, I can swap the controller
boards and hopefully recover the data to a totally separate drive...  

I've done it before with about 75% success rate, with everything from
MFM to ESDI to RLL to IDE and even a couple SCSI drives.  Various
brands, from Winchester to Seagate to Conner to Western Digital to IBM
to Quantum, and a few defunct brand names I don't recall anymore. 
Doesn't matter too much, as long as the type, brand, and model are the
same between the two drives.  Try it sometime, provided that you're okay
with losing the data on both drives and possibly never being able to use
either one again....

So, thank you for the offer, but the replacement control board has to
come from another drive with the same model and characteristics.  Which
means it has to be @18 months old, so it comes from the same general
manufacturing process.

Your friendly hardware hacker,

P.S. Anyone looking for a working 8088 system?

William Underwood

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