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Activating st.o tape driver

Rocky VIII -- the saga continues.....

After listening to Steve a while back and installing apt-get on my laptop
... [long story edited here] ... A lot of my RH8 installation wasn't
working properly, including the Symbios SCSI host adapter in my docking
station. I could manually install its SCSI driver (insmod sym53c8xx_2) and
the DAT tape driver (insmod st) under the original RH8 kernel (but none of
the many errata kernels), and make tar backup tapes to my heart's content.

This weekend I decided to back up the whole d**n thing (4 tapes) and try a
from scratch install of Phoebe3. Visually very ugly -- not ready for prime
time yet. So I did a from scratch install of Psyche again, this time
partitioning my hard drive in such a way that upgrades didn't blow away

At reboot I was encouraged to see the SCSI host adapter detected properly,
then dismayed to discover that the /dev/st0 device doesn't work at all.
The tape drive is not listed in /proc/scsi/scsi, and 'tar tfv /dev/st0'
barfs with "no such device" -- even after running 'insmod st'

Without this connectivity, all those backup tapes are useless.  Suggestions?


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