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Re: OT: Mary Wickes rests in Shiloh

Thanks for responding.  Good questions!

Two of my favorite sites are www.findadeath.com and www.findagrave.com. 
Pardon the pun ... I live for them.  8-)

Find-A-Death had a nice story on her.  Quoting from them, "... the LA
Times listed her age as 85 in her obituary, yet her death certificate says
she was only 79. Other sources say she was 83."  It was there that I
learned she was in Shiloh.  The story mistakenly indicated that she was
buried close to Abraham Lincoln's parents (father and step-mother), but
that error has been corrected.

Find-A-Grave is the bible of where many people of note are buried.  You
can search on name or location (as well as some other ways).  It has
thousands of people cataloged.

Find-A-Death does short stories on some people of note.  They concentrate
on the last portion of someones life.  The commentary is sometimes a bit
risque here, so visit at your own discretion.

If anyone else likes cemeteries (i.e., where are interesting people buried
around here?), feel free to let me know.


> On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, Charlie Brune wrote:
>> Anyway ... just down the street (across I-64) from the O'Fallon
>> library where we have our meetings, you'll find the Shiloh Valley
>> cemetery.  Mary Wickes is buried there.
> How did you discover this?
>> No one is really certain how old she was when she died, but she did
>> live a good, long life.  She graduated from Wash U. in St. Louis and
>> left a nice endowment to them in the name of her parents.  I think one
>> of her ancestors was a Governor of Illinois (also buried in the same
>> cemetery).
> IMDB says she was born 13 June 1916, making her 79 yrs, 4 mos, and 9
> days  old.
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