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Re: Mutt

On Tue, Mar 04, 2003 at 10:42:07AM -0600, gfross@intertek.net wrote:
> Please don't castigate me for not pouring over the documentation but
> does someone know how to fix line wrapping or is it a Vi thing?

I have the following in my muttrc:

    set editor="vi -c 'set wm=10' %s"

("wm" is "wrapmargin".  That wraps at 70 columns on an 80-column

Oh, and probably off the subject a little, I use the following script
to fix other people's line wrapping:


    use Text::Autoformat;

    $foo={ 'all' => 1 };

    $foo->{'right'}=$ARGV[0] if ($ARGV[0]);

    autoformat undef, $foo;

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